Nino Elbakidze


Nino Elbakidze - trainer, psychologist.

Socialskills trainer of Training Center Of Justice Of Georgia from 2015.

She was educated at the Ilia State University, in 2014 was awarded the psychologist-consultant specialization Master's degree, and in 2011 - BA in Social Science, majoring in practical psychology and with a minor field in Free Sciences (University of Michigan project at Iilia State University).

Since 2014, apart from work at training center of justice, she works at the Child Development Institute with adolescents with autism spectrum (studio of the occupational therapy and inclusion of adults), where she is involved in a youth work program development, as well as in its implementation.

Since 2019 she is involved in the research project “Mentalization in psychological habilitation of  child and adolescent” as a researcher and psychotherapist.

Since 2019 she works as a invited teacher and lecturer in The Thinking Academy.

Also, within the large-scaleproject Strengthening the Civil Society, she lead a personal development training on different topics, in different regions.

In 2014, shecarriedout the monitoring of the project Professional Development of the Ministry of Education. in 2013-2014 she worked with the adolescents with typical development with Swiss Mithodram group psychotherapy method. In 2010-2011 she was the deputy president of the club of young psychologists at Ilia State University. She has a several years of experience of cooperation with non-governmental sector and various organizations (Youth Club "ourvision" NGO "AIC").

She participated in several international youth exchange projects. In 2013-2014yy she took part in the international training in Italy and the Netherlands administered by the European Commission, as a psychologist, on the following topics – human rights and the promotion of environmental sustainability in a human life.

She is a certified trainer. As a trainer, up to 2017, she has held 300 training for employees of various public and private organizations on the following topics: effective communication, service, stress management, the role of parent in personal development, personality psychology, social perception.