Tamar Jananashvili


Tamar Jananashvili - trainer, psychologist

She has been employed by the Training Center of Justice of Georgia since 2015, in a soft skills training unit.

In 2014 she was awarded the Degree of Bachelor of Social Sciences in Psychology. In 2017 she received her Degree of Master of Science in Psychodiagnostics and Counseling at Tbilisi State University. She has been participating in the training programme by Georgian Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy since 2018.

In 2020 She attended a series of online training of trainers (TOT) organized by the Public Service Development Agency with help of UNDP Georgia and British Embassy Tbilisi. Awarded with a certificate in the Common Assessment Framework (CAF).

In 2015-2016 yy she was involved in an innovative project of the Ministry of Justice - 50 public officials, in the process of planning and implementation and received an experience in management of the full cycle of training, conferences, workshops, presentations and other events.

In addition within the large-scale project Strengthening of Civil Society, she was involved in the research process of training needs, she coordinated and carried out personal competence development trainings on different topics, in different regions.

In 2012-2015 yy, she worked at the Research Institute for Policy and Social Research and Analysis Institute, as well as in the organization - McLain Association for Children. She has an experience in adapting of a psycho diagnostic instrument and the experience of participating in research process as assistant researcher.

In 2016, in the Center of Mental Health and Drug Abuse Prevention, she, as a psychologist, received a practical experience. In addition, she has a practical experience as a psychologist in working with children with special needs.

In 2012, she worked in the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. She was involved in the project "pre-school education" supported by the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) within the framework of educational activities process.

She is actively involved in international projects. In 2019 She Participated in Winter School in Switzerland organized by Universitäre Psychiatrische Kliniken UPK Basel. IN the same year she provided workshop about Mental Health in Germany for AEGEE-Dresden. In 2016, she visited Moldova within the Project of Actors for Change - of ERASMUS + FN-Forbundet.

Her main activity is related to the project coordination, research and training, organizational and personal development programs and the management of competences.

As a trainer and co-trainer she has an experience providing trainings with different teams about teambonding, teamwork, effective communication, management of innovation and creative thinking. She is a certified trainer.