Ana Vashalomidze


Ana Vashalomidze- trainer, social psychologist; Lawyer;

Since 2014, she has been employed by the Training Center of Justice of Georgia, in a Legal Training service.

In 2013, she graduated from Ilia State University and awarded a bachelor’s degree in law. In 2015, she received a master’s degree in social psychology at Ilia State University.

In 2018, she attended a course on Adult Learning Methodology - „Training of Trainers“ provided by GIZ Georgia, Civil  Service Bureau, DBB Academy and become Trainer of Trainers.

In 2019, she attended a seminar organized by the International Labor Organization (ILO) on "Business, human rights and a responsible work environment for small and medium entrepreneurs."

In 2020, she attended a series of online training of trainers (TOT) organized by the Public Service Development Agency with help of UNDP Georgia and British Embassy and awarded with a certificate in the Common Assessment Framework (CAF).

From 2015 to present, she supervises the certification programs for authorized persons of National Agency of Public Registry of Ministry of Justice in LEPL “Training Center of Justice of Georgia”.

From 2016 to present, she supervises Clinic of low in LEPL “Training Center of Justice of Georgia”.

Since 2015, he has been leading the training course for operators of LEPL Public Service Development Agency in LEPL “Training Center of Justice of Georgia”.

In 2015, she was Project Coordinator of Georgian language courses for ethnic minorities in LEPL “Training Center of Justice of Georgia”.

During the working period, she gained experience in managing a full cycle of training programs, conferences, workshops, presentations and other events.

In addition, within the large-scale project “Strengthening of Civil Society”, she was involved in the research process of training needs, she coordinated and carried out personal competence development trainings on different topics, in different regions.

From 2017 to present,  she is Chief Lawyer in  “Building project consulting” LTD.

2013-2014 yy. she involved Law Clinic and Practice of the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia in the Didube-Chugureti District Prosecutor's Office of Tbilisi.

2012-2013 yy. she worked in Bureau of Civil Cases of the Office of the Tbilisi City Court

2012-2013 yy. She was project manager of Ilia State University - “Prosecutor Discretionary powers”  and “Corporate Law, Charter Writing Techniques”

She is actively involved in international projects. In 2016, she participated in Winter School in Romenia on the topic - „Sensory Culture and Occupational Path (SCOP)“. In addition, in 2016, she attended series of training “Ethics and values in the public service, Adult Teaching methodology” organized and funded by GIZ-Georgia, Civil  Service Bureau, DBB Academy.

Her main activities are related to the project coordination, research and training and the legal program management.

As a trainer and co-trainer, she has an experience in providing trainings with staff from various organizations on low and human rights, discrimination, ethics in public service, women and domestic violence issues. She is a certified trainer.